December 2006

noodle bowl

I know it has no nutritional value, but there’s something totally comforting about eating instant ramen noodles. They hit the spot when its cold (like right now) or even when its late at night (like right now). At the local Japanese grocery store, they have all kinds of variations, some are even with fresh noodles, all vacuum packed. The other thing that I love is to eat noodles while watching bad tv- which wou
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West Elm Spring 2007

West Elm gave ApartmentTherapy an exclusive sneak peak into their Spring 2007 collection, which I posted this morning on the LA site. I’m really excited about some of the directions their taking. I love love the bird rugs (yeah, I know birds have been everywhere- but I still think they’re pretty) and I think some of the runners could make great wall hangings. I also really love this mid-century/eames/r.da
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So… are you done yet? is all your shopping done? or are you just following tradition, like I am, despite what I vowed I wouldn’t do, and wait til the last minute? Well, you still have a few days left, so don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. I recently was contacted and asked if I’d like to try out this new website, called ReadySetHoliday! It’s put together by the people at Sears, and
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it’s ok. do it.

Sometime life (ok, well, Whole Foods Market) throws you a container of monkey-faced cupcakes. And… when that happens… you just have to eat them. All of them.
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Let the Holiday healing begin!

As I’ve mentioned, my happy home is not so happy right now. However, I have big plans to bring up the cheery status this holiday break. I started the first of which the other night. Lets back up… It should be known that I have an awkward shaped kitchen. This isn’t a necessarily a bad thing, but it leaves weird corners that end up collecting random things. One thing that was really starting to bug me
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square eggs?

I am so fascinated by this and dying to know how it works. Anyone have one?
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