Tord at Target wrap up…

So, I FINALLY was able to make it to Target and did my little Tord fest that I’ve been obsessed with… But first, how cool are the tv commercials that are out right now? I love that they used Goldfrapp for the music… so fitting and dreamy… anyways- I must say, I kinda went out of control…(though that shouldn’t shock anyone…) anyways- here’s what I ended up getting:(first image is the in-store display)… and then the mug was the first thing I picked up…then…
The lantern (in white) which is my favorite, because the “candle” is really a lightbulb and it even flickers! And I love that it’s flocked too! so fancy….The garland (I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I HAD to have it.
A gold bowl… and then I ended up getting the multi colored bowl too… (sigh- pathetic, I know)I loved that the wine glasses had the etched look, but was a little concerned about the fact that it’s actually just frosted decals… I wonder how that would hold up over time… (not that I was expecting it to be fine crystal or anything…plus I already have a set of glasses for wine, so I really needed to just stop and walk away.) I probably would’ve gotten the candelabra thing-y but it only came in red (it’s sold out online, but it’s still available in-store if you’re lucky!) Anyways- Love everything. And not only has he created a winter wonderland at Target, have you seen the Swarowvski Crystal Wonderland he did? AMAZING. Tord Rules.

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