Hotel as Home

I’ve always loved staying in hotels. Especially fun design/boutique hotels, (although sometimes those can become a bit overrated and overpriced) but regardless, I still enjoy staying in them. I think my dream job would be a cross between Rachel Ray’s $40/day show, and Samantha Brown’s job on Great Hotels (on the travel Channel). being able to travel the world staying in hotels, eating and discovering fun locales- and- still get paid for it- would be total vocational bliss!Recently, I received a new book that’s by someone that’s had a ton of experience with hotels. Gary Chang, an architect, has become a self proclaimed “hotel expert.” He realized that he spends an average of 120 days a year staying in hotels around the world, and he’s compiled a visually exciting book called Hotel as Home: the art of living on the road, (published by Princeton Architectural Press.) He’s documented all of the hotels he’s stayed at within the past 7 years. The book is filled with great detail shots and almost fabulously “mundane” moments of each hotel. I always pick up neat decor inspirations from hotels, and try to take pictures of the room as soon as I enter, (before i plop on the bed and mess everything up!) Hotel as Home features rooms from around the world, and it brings up the question, “what makes a good hotel room?” When you stay at hotel, it becomes your “home away from home” for the period you stay in it. They need to be adaptable to whatever your needs be, and Gary has highlighted some interesting solutions that some hotels have come up with. This would be a great book for anyone who travels a lot or at least dreams about it.
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