I’m not an "expert…"

…I just played one on TV…

My apologies for the recent shortness of posts. I’ve been working on this massive project for my day job that has become all consuming, plus I was out of town briefly last week, so I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. TGIF! is alls i gots ta say. For those of you still curious to my cryptic clues on why i was out of town last week, in a nutshell, I was asked to be an “expert” and I was flown to a studio to be taped giving commentaries for a show on HGTV. I’m basically going to be one of those “pop up” heads like they have on VH1 or E!, except i’m not going to be giving funny comments (the only thing funny will be me looking like a deer in headlights on camera), but supposedly “helpful tips” instead… uh.. yeah. It was a fun experience, although nerve-racking and mildly grueling, but rest-assured, I’m not quitting my day job. Anyway, back to more happy mundane things: One of my joys in life is staying in hotels. I love my home, but something about hotels just brings out a different side of me. Mind you, I’m not always saying its a good thing, but what is it about hotels that makes me do weird things like order room service because I just love the mini ketchup bottles? Turns out there’s a site online that you can buy the mini ketchup bottles directly! Actually, this site, minimus.biz has all types of mini things- I LOVE it- like mini boxes of detergent, food… all kinds of stuff, and of course, my favorite… condiments! But it’s that ketchup bottle that always gets me… anyone else?

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