Blue Monday: iconic Blue bathroom

Its monday. And for many people here in the States, its also Columbus Day, therefore a holiday. But alas, not for me, as I have to work. Sad. But let’s look at something pretty. Here is a humble, yet fabulous blue bathroom. Now, where is this bathroom? Well, if you can make out the stained-glass artwork, hanging above the sink on the right side, you might be able to figure out that this bathroom is actually part of the iconic modernist classic, Case Study House #22. Two weekends ago, I was able to go on a house tour, put on by CaBoom. It was amazing to see one of the world’s most photographed and recognizable houses up close and personal. It has stayed with the original owner’s family, and the wife, Mrs. Stahl was actually there, answering questions and giving trivia. I love the little sliding cabinet doors that sit above the sinks, as well as below. I want.

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