S&P + brownies

Lots of people collect salt and pepper shakers, and I could easily see myself doing that. However, already being a compulsive packrat, collecting S&P shakers is the last thing I need to start doing. That being said, I might have to break down just a little bit because I am in love with these two sets of S&P shakers. (sigh, I’m hopeless, I know…) The first is this great set from Crate&Barrel. I spied them while I was picking up some brownie mix (more on that later!). Anyway- love the bold graphic “S” and “P”- It’s so straightforward and to the point. Then there’s these lovely lovelies, that are the epitome of “to the point.” They say… just what they are. Total “plain wrap” style, and that is so happy mundane! Can you guess where they’re from? The color should give it away… and they were only 99¢, and I post about this place constantly…(anyone? anyone?)

Going back to Crate&Barrel… so if you will remember my geek-fest post about FoodNetwork, and meeting Ina Garten at the NYIGF (here’s a pic of her autograph, I put it on my fridge), I mentioned her amazing “outrageous” brownie mix that she was promoting. Well, I found out Crate&Barrel is selling the mix, so I had to rush and get some. Keep in mind I am no culinary master. I had a hard time getting started (how do you “flour” a pan? hehe, don’t worry, I figured it out!) Anyway, add eggs, butter, dump in the mix, whip it up, and voila! yummy yummy brownies with a hint of coffee/espresso in them… yum….

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