Real Simple Food

I think I’ve mentioned before, I would not say I’m very adept in the culinary department. However, I do like to eat, and I love the “concept” of cooking, I love watching the act of cooking, and I love kitchen gadgets. It’s just the actual act of cooking that I seem to have a problem practicing. Well, I just received this new special issue of Real Simple magazine, called Food (or Real Simple Food). Besides the goregous photography, I found there’s tons of good info for a fledgling gourmet as myself. For example: there’s a great page that shows a diagram of how much pasta to pull out for one person, two people, etc.. (I always have a hard time with that!) There’s also a great piece that shows “Fake it, Don’t make It” recipes, where you use store-bought ingredients, and combine them to make people think its homemade. Kinda like that show on HGTV, “Semi-homemade…”( …though that host kind of annoys me. She always matches her kitchen to her outfit. Weird.) But what I really loved was they give you a list of “healthier choices” of what to order from typical fast-food chains. As much as I try to eat better, when lunch time comes around, sometimes you just can’t beat fast food. My only complaint on the issue was a section by four writers that pay tribute to “my most memorable meal…” I thought it was kind of strange that they put the writer as the main large picture, instead of the food. Frankly, I would have rather looked at a large yummy picture of food than the writers themselves. Anyway, a pretty neat issue. Check it out if you’re by a newstand…

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