Functional Piles

Have you ever felt your life is just a series of endles stacks and piles… piles of papers, books, magazines, bills… etc… My place can easily become “pile central,” and “cleaning” sometimes ends up being just moving one pile to another side of the room! The clever designers at Mio have come up with a seating concept that puts your pile(s) into good use- to act as a base for a chair. The “Bale” chair consists of a molded plywood seat shell and plywood base, made from responsible harvested wood, nylon levelers, and two recycled polyester webbing straps with steel buckles. To assemble this design, you just put a pile (obviously the height is adjustable!) to the desired height, and the secure with the webbing. This would be great if you happen to have a stack of old encyclopedias that is taking up too much space, or collection of magazines that you can’t get rid of, but also don’t want to hog up your shelves… it will give a little function to the madness… you can find out contact info and availability from their website.

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