Blue Tuesday: save the manatee

Well, monday was a holiday, so I’ll have to do another blue Tuesday instead. It feels like “monday” to me though- does anyone else feel this way? Anyway, today’s blue is about the manatee. Just got this e-mail from SavetheManatee club, and it reminded me that these cute creatures are still endangered. There are only about 300 manatees left in Florida’s waterways, and that population could be reduced by as much as 50% in the future from growing human-related threats, red tide, and habitat loss. Boat strikes continue to kill manatees in huge numbers as well. I got this little wind up toy awhile back, and it continues to bring me a smile. It (You can get one here-) It is sad to think that potentially, this little toy could be the last reminder of what these gentle creatures really are like. More importantly, you can adopt your own real manatee by going to www.savethemanatee.org. Plus they have these cute plush toys, and proceeds go to benefit the foundation. (Christmas is coming by the way…)

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