Alexander Girard at House Industries

Ok, sorry, I got so swamped that I wasn’t able to post until now! First, this is going to be a graphic design-geek focused post, but one I think most design-luvers can appreciate. I just got an e-mail announcing the new “Luxury” collection for House Industries. It’s a cool collection of “money” inspired fonts, but more importantly, while clickin on their site, it mentions that they are working on a collection of fonts based off of Alexander Girard! OMG! that’s going to be amazing! Much like their cool Neutra font family they released a few years ago, an Alexander Girard font will hopefully be equally cool! I can’t wait!! Although, now that I think about it, what would a “Girard” font look like? So… until they officially release it, lets take a gander at classic AG genius-ness. I took these from the book “Alexander Girard Designs for Herman Miller” by Schiffer Books. It’s an oldy, but classic goody! Here are a few type-driven designs he did that may give us a clue….I’m so glad that both Vitra and Maximo designs are re-releasing his stuff…anyways- a little AG hit is always nice any time of the day….here’s a few more of my favorite Alexander Girard designs…pick up a copy of the book (a must have) here:

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