So many things…

There were sooo many things to look at during the NYIGF. I will need to compile everything as soon as I return, but I will be posting a few things on Apartmenttherapy (los angeles) so check over there today (at around 11:00am PST) to see the neat curtain panel from Umbra and some new and amazing pillows from Lauren Saunders, who I have mentioned beforeI will be back home on thursday so stay tuned! Oh- one last geeky note. Ina Garten, aka The Barefoot Contessa was there promoting some of her products. She’s releasing this brownie mix that I had a sample of- and three words: to. die. for. It has just a kick of espresso in it and I’m snatching up a few boxes of it as soon as I can find some! But, I did get her autograph- because I love Food Network… and I’m a geek. (this was taken with my camera phone because I was too shy -and lame- to ask for a picture with her.)Oh! and speaking of Food Network, thanks to HM reader Riley for recommending the Chelsea Market, which also happens to be the home of Food Network. I had a chocolate croissant this morning there. That place is HUGE!

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