puppies, babies, hoops, dowels and hot glue.

I got an e-mail recently asking me about the “circle things” in one of my flickr pictures, so I share with you its story. My stairwell in my house leads up to an open area. There is a half wall that surrounds it on the top, leaving quite a bit of space before you actually hit the ceiling. This leaves it very light and airy. However, this also leaves it sort of bare and boring. I wanted to put something “architectural,” like some sort of screen or perhaps a slat wall to fill the space. (I still might do the slat wall… but not right now.) Anyways, I always loved seeing those geometric built-in partitions in old 1960’s houses. Then one day, I was on Third St. in Los Angeles, and went into this store called Puppies and Babies. A super cute shop that has things for… puppies and babies… Anyways, their front window display had this cool circle screen thing made of metal. Now of course I couldn’t afford to have a metal screen made, but I had ideas on how I could fake it. Fast forward to me on the floor, with scattared wooden dowels, messy hot glue, and embroidery hoops. The orginal plan was to do the entire space, but I stopped after four rows. I simply repeated the pattern of dowel spacer, hoop, dowel spacer, etc… Then I painted the whole thing the same white as the wall and ceiling color. And to attatch it? more hot glue! Obviously this is not structurally sound, but then, it wasn’t meant to be. As long as you don’t touch it- it’s fabulous! (and don’t get too close to inspect it either, else you see all my sloppy craftsmanship.) Anyways, it’s amazing what a little hot glue can do.

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