Post its

“I invented Post-its”… Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

Actually, did you know that Art Fry and Spencer Silver actually invented Post-its back in 1977? Yup, you can now impress your friends at parties with this knowledge… But anyways, I love Post-its. Even though there are all sorts of electronic gadgets to help you stay organized or remind you of things, there’s still something I find endearing about those little square paper tabs. It’s even become art! Über coolness Giant Robot (@ GR2) is having an exhibition in Los Angeles called “Post Deux” The show will have nearly 2000 works by 32 noted contributors for only $20! They are all the standard 3″x3″ Post-it notes (although there are a few 4″x4″ and 6″x6″ that cost a bit more)
I love the flyer’s accompanying visual, just a wall of Post-its. It reminds me of that brilliant ad campaign that Banana Republic had a few years back, where they used hot pink Post-It notes to coincide with a “work” theme, and also used them for their window displays. Someone actually did a wall in their house using the same concept, that was seen via the last Smallest Coolest contest on Apartment Therapy. There’s even people doing Post-it mosaics! Every office I’ve worked at, I’ve also created some sort of Post-it collage of phone numbers, notes, etc.. that would continually grow. Kinda like a mini gallery… Do any of you do this too?

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