j otto Seibold

I became a huge fan of J. Otto Seibold when I came across his first book about Mr. Lunch. Since then, I’ve been faithfully following his work and books. However, once again, nobody told me that he has a new one out! The Fuchsia is Now, is Seibold’s latest story. I know these books are intended for kids, but his style is just so darn cool, they can totally be appreciated by us “grown ups” as well. He’s also recently done a project work with Target. He did all the illustrations for Target’s Ready Sit Read program, as well as the flash animation for the site. When I was in the store recently (shocking, I know, me, in a Target… hehe) I stopped by the food stand and got a drink, and was happily suprised that it came in a cute Seibold illustrated cup! Seibold, also known as “jotto” also has an incredible site that showcases his Jottoworld, however, as of today I noticed his site (jotto.com) is strangely down or not working. But keep checking back, I’m sure it will come back up soon, because it’s well worth it! Also looking forward to his next book- Quincy, the hobby photographer-…

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