Hex it up

So I’ve already talked about my circle thing, but now I’m noticing a new shape popping up everywhere- the hexagon- especially for the wall- Target offered a 3 set of nesting tables/wall hexagons in their current Bronze Age collection, as well as West Elm’s version. Walter wall applications has this “hex” style, which are paintable and conveniently backed with 3M adhesive. Plushpod offers these “hive” wall shelves, which are made by Boom designBoom design also makes these neat Twist cubes and “hive” cubes, for stackable storage. Bees use the hexagon as their shape of choice for their honeycombs, so I guess it’s only natural that designers be inspired by it as well. I think it’s refreshing to see it getting all this buzz (sorry, bad pun.) Are any of you noticing hexagons too? Or is there another shape that’s craving for attention?

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