Blue Monday: modern home

On my last trip to Palm Springs, I took some photos of a few of the new housing developments that are happening out there. There are quite a few exciting new modern homes being made that pay hommage to the classic mid-century ones that Palm Springs is famous for. This one is from modernlivingspaces. Personally, I’d love to live in one of these. You get the mid century mod styling, but completely updated and new (and therefore no need for additional thousands of dollars in renovation that a typical MCM house would require…) The only thing I’m weirded about is many utilize septic tanks. Being raised in the suburbs, this concept is completely foreign to me. But I guess I could get over it. I’m excited that there are some brave developers that are offering modern-styled houses, as opposed to the tuscan/miditerranean/terra cotta tiled madness that is so prevailant in suburbia right now. Someone just needs to make some closer to home. Anyways. Cool houses…(sigh) I want one. Dare to dream on this first monday of August!

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