August 2006

morning miso

Every now and again, I enjoy a traditional japanese breakfast (even though I’m not Japanese) of miso soup and rice. There’s just something very soothing and calming (not to mention delicious!) about miso in the morning to start your day. Anyways, I also love eating miso in a big bowl, using those big soup spoons. Sadly, I find my soup spoons always slip into the soup. During my last Marukai 99¢ Super Stor
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yellow and tan towels

I guess it’s a natural progression (or diversion) from the grays, but I’ve been feeling another neutral combo: yellow and sand(or light taupe/tan- in addition to touches of gray)… Bowiestyle mentioned it and has some nice examples, and the image below from Marimekko is also another great example.During my last visit to Walmart, I was excited to see these great “bath sheets”. They are par
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weekend stroll

Over the weekend, I made a quick grocery run to the japanese store, and it is right next to the Kinokuniya bookstore, so of course I had to check in. Lo, and behold, they had a pleasant surprise for me! A book by the incredible Japanese illustrator, Rica Takada! I first found out about Rica’s work from a post at Imedagoze, introducing us to the fabulous japanese store, BG-shop. From there I found Rica’s s
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