Westin paraphernalia

The other night, I had the opportunity to have a quick overnight stay at the Westin, in Vegas. I was there for the LV Market– but only there for the day. I have never really paid much attention to their paraphernalia, but this time, when I got my card key- I was immediately struck by the simple beauty of it. I believe they have several designs, but the one I got was this beautiful butterfly wing. And actually, all of their current “stuff” had amazing imagery. Of course, this just shows what a design geek I am. I “stole” all their printed stuff (as opposed to the normally expected bathrobe or shampoos!) anyways- I love the soft muted colors and photos. I took this gift bag that was in the closet, and the little pad of post-its that had a cute koi fish. The Westin itself was pretty nice. Just off the strip, not tooooo design-y- but still stylish and modern, and the best part… their “heavenly beds”….

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