Face to Face

Today, while watching my morning tv, I started staring at the cable box, and noticed that it kind of reminded me of a face… like that of a hammerhead shark. It was kind of funny, all silver and staring back and me. It totally reminded me of this book, Face to Face, by Francois and Jean Robert. This book is an oldy but goody, having first been published 10 years ago, in 1996. I think I’ve had it since then, but its one of those few books that I find myself really going back to looking at frequently. The book is filled with these fantastic photographs of everyday objects. There is no manipulation to these. Just good old fashioned cropping, straightforward photographs, and the title “face to face.” It’s funny, I bet, if there wasn’t the mention of the word “face”- I probably would look right past these things, yet, with that word stuck in my head, I automatically look for the face. It suddenly gives everything around you a personality. It really shows how our perception of the world can change just by the way you see it. What do you see?

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