Depressing bottles

On my last visit to the japanese bookstore, I picked up a copy of the Japanese June 06 Elle Deco- I came across this funny spread of these bottles that have these hillariously depressing “logos” on them. I love the contrast between the happy colored plastic bottles and fun style of graphics, with the more cynical words and phrases juxtaposed. I don’t know what these are, or where, or why- (does anyone read japanese?) but I know it has something to do with this shop in Japan called “wonder-travelling.com“- Great stuff on that site too (as to be expected…- oh, someone really needs to send me to Japan soon…)
UPDATE: Thanks to HM reader S and The kind folks at Gallery Revisited for letting us know this work is by Neil Wax. They are on exhibit at The Gallery Revisited in Los Angeles- Thanks for the info!!

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