Blue Monday: Real Simple July 06

The nice thing about holiday weekends is I get a chance to catch-up on magazines. I really am enjoying the visuals in this month’s Real Simple. First, I love the cover, with the fork holding up the orchid. It’s such a mundane solution, but simple and beautiful all the same. Next, I love the in-between page images, that are all crafted from maps. Maps are always fun to look at, and they have such a great textural pattern quality to them. I always am fond of objects that are made from paper… they did an amazing job with these. Also equally amazing is the main editorial of different uses for household items. I love that they kept a blue theme throughout all the incredible images, by Mark Lund. My favorite is the shot of the blue q-tips! Seeing these mundane items in a fresh light always makes me smile. (especially when they’re in blue!) Hope you’re having a great holiday weekedn (if you’re not working today… like me…boo….)

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