Remember mail? like normal “snail” mail? When people used to send you letters in envelopes? I guess the only real time I get mail is bills (boo…) or invitations (yay?) to ANOTHER wedding (er…) and christmas cards (yay!)- But recently got this piece of mail and it was pointed out to me that the image on the stamp was the image of the kids that were on the card- (it was an announcement card)- NOBODY told me you could do custom stamps!? I quickly got online to stamps.com and found out- yes! you can create your own customized stamps! This is perfect for personalizing your mail, or for events, or if you have a business, etc…. If you have a Mac, it’s even easier, since they have a free downloadable program that will link up to your iphoto and you just click and it drops it into the template and voila! instant preview of your new custom postage stamp. They offer several postage amounts too besides the standard 39¢ variety to accomodate different weights, etc…-I mocked up a quick custom stamp (with woodgrain of course) that matches my company’s business cards, and sent it in. Looks like in about a week I’ll get my first set!
this is what my preview looked like… I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out!!

UPDATE: ok, so I told me friend Em, and she told me this is old news, and that people do it for weddings a lot. But .. NOBODY TOLD ME!! 😛

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