Recently, I was lucky to receive a copy of fellow Happy Mundane reader, Laura Lovett‘s new book Photocraft: Cool things to do with the pictures you love. Laura, along with Caroline Herter and Laurie Frankel, have put together a great collection of ideas for anyone that loves to take or collect photographs. Since digital cameras are pretty much a standard now, taking photos has become easier than ever, and its such a joy to be able to document your life’s experiences. But most of time, these images end up in a box or in a dusty album, only to come out every blue moon. Well inside Photocraft, the team have come up with tons of fun and interesting projects that transform your images into pieces that can actually integrate into your daily life. Make them into quilts, scarves, folding screens, jewelry, and so much more. The book gives a great easy to understand introduction to digital photography, explaining the importance of pixels and “DPI”. It also walks you through simple photo editing techniques, and has step by step instructions for every project (with pictures to illustrate!) My favorite projects include the Blueprint idea, where you use your photos to create “cyanotypes”- which are also known as “sun prints”- where the images turn blue after its exposed to the sun. I also love what they did for a folding screen, but there’s tons more ideas inside. This would be a great gift to anyone that enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, or just taking vacation photos or family photos. Thanks again to Laura for sharing it with me! Get your copy below:

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