So it was gross hot/humid this weekend. Still kinda is here in so-cali. Over the weekend is my usual “catch-up” (as opposed to ketchup, har har…) time. Usually making my ’rounds… running errands, and stocking up on the week’s supplies/food, etc… Was at the japanese grocery store and saw these yummy looking jelly things. They were in all colors and fruit comibinations, etc… my favorite ones are the ones that are similar to the famous chinese restuarant staple, almond jello with fruit cocktail. Anyhoo- I spotted this one kind that came prepacked in snack size cups, and it was the prettiest purple/pink combo. I just assumed it was grape or strawberry, etc… but when I got home, I read the label and it said “Yam jelly”- Yam jelly? Now I like yams, and I like jelly- but never thought of the two together, let alone in a jello-like combo. I guess the color makes sense, since, Taro is purple-ish… anyways- I was kind of scared to try, but curious at the same time. I let it chill for awhile, and finally bust it out- And it was YUMMY! weird- because you could taste the startchy yam-ness of it- but it was sweet and cooling and refreshing! I did a little googling, and found it’s also not super bad for you either. Although I’m not sure this is exactly the same thing I had- I’ll have to look at the label again more closely. While googling, I came across some interesting info about a ban on jellycups, that contain Konjac, because it can cause choking. The cup I bought was larger, and had to be eaten with a spoon, so… I don’t know if its the same as the ones that are banned (i’ve had those, and those are yummy too) anyways, more info on konnyaku here. If any of you (especially any japanese folks?) know what I’m talking about- please share your insights!

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