It’s a stamp world!

So, continuing my stamp post from yesterday, I bring to you this fantastic japanese book called “It’s a stamp world!” This gem is so chock full of amazing graphics it’s a little overwhelming. You could spend days with a magnifying glass just exploring all the detailed masterpieces. Unfortunately I can’t read japanese, so I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but there is just page after page of what looks like people’s collections of stamps. I’m not sure if they are all vintage, or just from different countries, but they are all incredible. The book is published by the great Petit Grand publishing (who always have the bestest books ever), and it’s apparently available on their website- the link is here. I actually purchased the book during my last trip to Chicago, and Em spotted it and we both turned into dumb graphic design geeks and grabbed them and went straight to the cash register. They were at the Chicago Museum of Art bookstore…don’t know if they’re any left, but worth a shot? If you have a japanese bookstore nearby, the ISBN number is ISBN4-939102-74-2. (UPDATE!: Youworkforthem has it!! hurry before they sell out- link is here)

Ok- and now for something completely new and super hi-tech for me. I am trying out this video youtube thing, and filmed myself flipping through the book. It’s a little (ok- totally) blurry, but you can see just how colorful and jam packed the little book is: have patience as it loads…lemme know what you think! (UPDATE: i’ll try to reshoot the video this weekend- i know it sucks and its dark and fuzzy, but it was dark this morning and it was my first try…)

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