housekeeping channel

I hate cleaning the bathrooms (I have 2 1/2 to deal with). It’s such a chore and I wish I could afford a maid just to clean the bathroom. At the same time though, I love the feeling of accompishment of a clean bathroom and I’m fascinated by reading about other people’s household tips, which then makes me want to clean the bathroom to see if they work. (I’m weird I know.) Lately I’ve been transfixed at this website that was tipped off to me, called the HousekeepingChannel.com It’s this incredibly hardcore informative website, that basically just has non-stop information and open forums about any sort of housecleaning you can think of. It’s almost too much information… but I just can’t stop looking! My only gripe is that there isn’t enough pictures. However, I’m just a visual person, and obviously this site isn’t about pretty pictures. It’s about serious cleaning. Which is great. Here’s a page from the site that gives a handy how-to-hit-list for bathroom cleaning. I always forget that you need to let some cleaners sit for a bit to allow time to really disinfect, but this guide shows you an order to do things, which I appreciate. Do any of you in blogland have any good bathroom cleaning tips? please share…

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