birds in the sky

So I mentioned how a few weeks ago, I went to Vegas, and how it turned into a complete crap-tastic time. Well.. it wasn’t all that bad. The buffets were good, and I was with good company. It just sucks getting sick when you’re supposed to be on “vacation.” Anyways, I ended up staying at The West Wing. No, not at the White House a la the tv show, but the more “hipper” side of the MGM grand Hotel. Their version of a boutique hotel. Despite the 20 mile hike to get to the actual room, it was actually quite nice. The bathroom was cool (i posted about this on AT, except for the door to the toilet, which was frosted glass. Which looked beautiful, but reality wise, I prefer my toilet doors solid and opaque. (Sorry, probably T.M.I. but, I’m just sayin’… ) Anyways- the West Wing has its own lobby/bar area, that is all cross-between-W-Hotel-and Maison 140. But what I really loved was this installation sculpture thingy- It was simple pieces of curved wood, in a flock, like birds. I’ve been thinking about maybe doing some sort of mobile type thing for above my stairwell, and something like that would be lovely. I recently came across a company that makes something quite similar, and maybe they were even the same ones that did the ones at West Wing? The company is Adrift Mobiles. And I love their pieces. They come in several wood finishes. So simple, minimal, and elegant. They’d look great in any corner or by a window… don’t you think?

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