Ever randomly look at something you have had for ages, and really look at it, only to discover something you’d never noticed before? I’ve had this great lucite lamp that my friend Em gave me (ok, to be honest, she kinda stole it from her Dad- ok – well, I guess technically her Mother “granted permission”, cuz I think she wanted to get rid of it…) anyways- love it- had it in my office for quite a few years… recently when I relocated my office last year, I brought it home and now it rests on one of my night stands. Well the other day, I was randomly looking at it and noticed that something was different about the base. Upon closer inspection, I realized that one of the lucite pegs was missing, but in its place was a weird white plastic piece, which upon closer inspection of that- turns out to be some sort of white plastic shampoo cap that has been glued on!! I started busting out laughing. Apparently Em’s father must have glued it on to keep the lamp level, and used whatever he could find to prop it up. At least he matched the white. It must have been there forever, because the glue is kinda brown now. Em says that this is a very typical “filipino” thing to do. As hillarious as it is, I wouldn’t touch it or change it at all. It actually makes me love the lamp even more. It’s those unexpected good surprises that make your home unique and really something to cherish.

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