mundane aesthetic: eggs

Since tomorrow is Memorial Day, I thought it’d be fun to make egg salad. But oh how quickly I forget the drama that is boiling eggs. You would think something as mundane as boiling eggs wouldn’t be such a hassle, but I have come to realize I am not gifted in the ways of the art of egg boiling. Prior to today’s experience, I always just boiled the water, threw the eggs in, and then let it go for awhile… However, recently, I read that I should boil the water, remove it from the heat, add the eggs, and then let them sit for 10-15 minutes… I think it was on Martha or something… anyhoo.. so I did that, but this time, the eggs were boiled, I peeled one; but the yolk was not totally solid/consistent all the way through- (I did do the whole rinse in cold water thing, and that did get rid of the ugly greenish outside) So I re-boiled them… tested another, still not totally done- then finally on the third reboil, tested one- Success! But that took way longer than 10-15 minutes… and then trying to peel them was random too!- How do you get it so that the eggs peel easily? (sigh) In the end, the egg salad seems to be good- but it was definitely a bumpy ride. Anyone care to share any of their tips to help a brutha out?

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