kmart: cute prints-o-rama

I’m continued to be impressed with what Kmart has been offering lately in home decor. Granted, not all of it is to my taste, but there are still gems to be found. Their Essential Home line that I posted about previously, provided much pretty-ness in the towel department for both kitchen and bath. I love this vintage-y floral print that had matching showercurtain and bath towel assortment.Then there was this great 5 pack set of dish towels by Martha Stewart that had this “island hop” floral/stripe combos, also in the tropical pink/orange color scheme…and then these fun beach towels- one with a cool retro op art print, and another with a Pucci-esque printand then finally, this super cute fruit print that was on a set of porcelain dishes, as well as on vinyl table cloths…Sadly, again, most of these (with the exception of the beach towels and dinnerware) is on their website- but obviously all in store (and a lot on sale!). There are a few other fun things worth noting from the “K” and I will continue with those in the next post… stay tuned!!

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