garden roof

As I mentioned yesterday, over the weekend I attended the Spring Garden Show, at South Coast Plaza. The mall was filled with floral exhibitions on each floor and it was so nice to see that Spring has sprung! One of the displays that really caught my eye was this “garden roof” that was put together by the cool folks at Flower to the People and The Original Living Wreath. They made a faux rooftop where they planted a garden of succulents. I love the idea of using your often neglected roof space, and bringing in nature. It provides insulation as well as a valuable habitat for birds and butterflies in the urban environment. Plus, succulents are so easy to care for ( I know this because it’s the only thing I haven’t killed in my garden) so it’s also pretty maintenance free. On Flower to the People’s website, you can see a similar project they completed for a showcase in Beverly Hills.

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