book review: At home with Color

At Home with Color is a new book written by Matthew and Grainne Dennison, with the most amazing photography by Chris Everard. What I love most about this book is that every room shown is perfectly layered and has so much soul. I love “colorful” rooms that are not so “cut and dry”. For example, I’m not attracted to rooms where all the colors match exactly. This seems to be done a lot on makeover/decorating shows. I think rooms like that end up looking too theme-y/match-y match-y and lack a certain visual depth. I think the key is really to play with different shades and tints, via accessories or fabrics. Balance it all out with different textures…Another thing to think about when using color is giving your eyes “breathing” room, allowing the “star” colors you’ve chosen an opportunity to stand out. This can be achieved by adding in neutrals behind your key colors. I had to keep reminding myself that when I went about tackling my downstairs bedroom.All of the rooms shown in this book exemplify these philosophies. What’s also interesting is that the authors divide the book by living space, and really push you to think about what emotional goal you’re trying to achieve with each room, and how color can help you attain that. Overall, this book is filled with great sophisticated “eye candy”that I’m sure will provide continual inspiration no matter what your decor or color preferences may be. Click on the link below to get a copy today!

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