Bohemian Modern

I picked up this new book over the weekend called “Bohemian Modern: Living in Silverlake” by Barbara Bestor. Barbara, an architect, has compiled a really great overview of homes, shops, and offices of the many artists, designers, and folks that make up the Silverlake (and adjoining) area(s) of Los Angeles. She’s coined this aesthetic/lifestyle “bohemian modern”, which basically refers to this community of people that “live happily and comfortably in modern environments without sacrificing their individuality.” It’s fascinating to see this fresh take on interiors and homes, with each featured person/home/family telling their story about how their home came about and showcasing their eclectic tastes. There is an undercurrent of modernity that ties each place together, whether it be in how they solved a solution, the little accents/details they’ve added, or just the fact that many of these homes were mid-century relics that have been restored or rethought. There are amazing illustrations by Silverlake local artist/designer, Geoff McFetridge, which actually was the real selling point for me.However, more importantly for me, this book represents the type of aesthetic that I myself feel akin to. Although I don’t live in an area like Silverlake, I feel my home shares similar principles that those in this book have. I do live in a “modern environment”, and I don’t feel I’ve sacrificed my individuality. I’ve made my space work for me, and let what I’m passionate about dictate my living spaces. The “bohemian modern” aesthetic isn’t bound by where you live, its really about how you live. A great reference, with inspiring visuals- get yours now!

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