Blue monday: mouthwash bottle found!

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a mission to find a more aesthetically pleasing, as well as more functional mouthwash container. I was all set on using a glass carafe that I found from Crate & Barrel. However, I realized that some of the same issues I had with the original mouthwash bottle, would still be there with the glass one. Then I found my answer. It was in a tiny picture in a japanese magazine. The clouds parted and the solution was clear: I needed a plastic squirt bottle! I realize it isn’t as classy as the glass carafe, but I just loved the utilitarianism of it. Instead of still dealing with trying to pour a heavy liquid out of a bottle and into a cup, rinsing out the cup, having the excess water drip down the sides, yadda yadda yaddda- the squirt bottle option is far more convenient and functional. The only downside was trying to find one. Luckily, and randomly, I went to check out the Spring Flower show at South Coast Plaza. One of the exhibitors was selling the squirt bottles (intended for care of african violets) and it was exactly what I was searching for. It also works well with the other pharamceutical inspired tchotchkes I have going on in my bathroom… If anyone knows where to find the bottles online though, please let me know!

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