While you were out: the final episode

For those of you that have been following my “while you were out” adventure, it’s time to reveal the final outcome. After I got approval, the parentals left for their three-week tour, and I was ready to begin. Although I had showed them a quick little mockup , I knew I wanted to remove the 80’s lacquered side table and coffee table, but as luck would have it, i accidentally broke it. (honest, i didn’t mean to) because it was so heavy, the legs had sunk into the carpet, and as i tried to slide the table, one of the legs didn’t move with it, and snapped. so… i switched out the coffee table with one i found at a thrift shop. The next thing i did was paint the walls. I decided to just paint large squares of color to section off/highlight the seating area, and the main focal wall. The next thing was take down all the existing white curtains, and switch them with tan colored ones. I learned that you need to double the amount of fabric to make it look more full.- after further observation, found that the seating arrangement really wasn’t working. I also thought it wouldn’t really feel like anything changed if i just put in new pillows. So, i got rid of the small armchair and moved the remaining loveseat to face the couch- Originally i was going to keep which also doubled my cost for curtains.. but luckily, i got the curtains at Target- all prepacked, perfect size, and ready to go. I got the rods and hardware at Ikea. Finally the finishing touches were found at various local locations. which i’ll list tomorrow, (along with the dramatic tale of how the pillows came to be) Oh, i also added a banquet that i found thrift, and

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