While you were out: episode 3

So the saga continues… i know i mentioned in my last WYWO post that i was going to reveal the final room– but i figured maybe i should mention what the original plan was first- The only requirements that i was given was that I try to keep as much furniture as possible, and that my mom liked the idea of using pinks and lavendars. much to the worry of my father. anyways,
before doing anything i had to find something to show them- just so that they could see what i was thinking. i found an old West Elm catalog that had dusty pinks, and muted lavendars, but grounded with neutrals- that proved to be the inspiration for the whole room- using the neutrals helped make it not sooo girly, as pinks and lavendars would tend to do.
Since the current room was already basically black and white- how much more neutral could i get? with the addition of maybe a tan or taupe, i could keep the white couches, black dining table and accent tables, and just add some other colors to easily transform the room. here was the inspiration board:Based off of that, i showed them a rough idea (via the magic of Photoshop) how it could possibly look with this new colorstory implemented…They liked it, but were still a little unsure. I convinced them that i knew what i was doing (let the lies begin..) and since they were leaving for three weeks, they didn’t really have a choice, and they wouldn’t be around to stop me! (he he) Well… three weeks later, the end result didn’t turn out as i originally thought…

stay tuned for the final episode….

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