Preserve Toothbrush

I recently received some info about Recycline products. The company was founded in 1996 by Eric Hudson to provide”high-quality recycled products in response to the growth in the recycling” and the growing concern for the environment. They have a great line called Preserve, which includes table wares and also personal care products. They sent me a sample of their new Preserve toothbrush– and first off, it’s such a clever design. I LOVE it. It’s been “dentist-engineered”. What I love about it is that it curves backwards, unlike most toothbrushes- it actually feels more ergonomic. But what really got me was that they included a postage paid mailer. Recycline decided to provide its customers with a convenient and timely way to replace their toothbrushes- kinda like Netflix, where once you’re done with one, they send you another (only they will send you a new one- not a used one, silly). When you return your used up toothbrush (you should change it every three months) they recycle them into plastic lumber (faux wood!!) which they use to make park benches, house decks, and other outdoor products. This recycling system obviously can’t be that profitable for them, but they know that. They feel good about the responsibility it takes to both use recycled materials and to provide a means for easy recycling. Visit their website for more info and to purchase. The Preserve toothbrushes are also available at select Target stores. Click here for a store location near you.

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