Muji : what happens naturally

I’ve talked about Muji products briefly before. Muji is happy mundane. I’ve been a devotee of theirs since I saw an ad in British fashion magazine ID many years ago. It was of a simple cola can. It was genius. And when I finally got to go to one of their stores in Japan, I was forever hooked. It’s really their philosophy and aesthetic that I aspire to. I know I’ll never achieve it, because I’m too much of a packrat/slob/tchotchke collector, but boy, in my perfect world, I would be living Muji. Muji is..the life. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to get a fix via online shopping or my rare and random trips abroad or to NY. I’ve heard that Muji is planning on opening an 11,000 square foot store in NY sometime this year… which would be amazing, (although a tad depressing, as i’m on the opposite side of the world here.) I recently got a release from Muji about this month’s Elle Decoration (british) lovely insert, and now via the UK Muji website, they are showing us what only the Japanese folks get (but lucky us via the good ol’ interweb), Muji television commercials! check them out– so simple. so brilliant. So Muji.

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