hunting for wabbits

Flipping through this Sunday’s paper, I came across the Target weekly ad and it just killed me. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Naughty Naughty Pets- by Scary Stories– they go with the whole Ugly Dolls genre of kooky handmade-looking-monster-stuffed-animals. So, kudos to the creatives at Target for collaborating and giving a fresh take on Easter, with the “Bunny Business” campaign. The mini-site at Target.com is fantastic- it has all these funny animations and even has free cute animated e-cards you can send to friends! They have had the campaign up for a few weeks now via their in-store signage, because naturally, as soon as Valentines Day is over, you gotta start promoting Easter, right? (scary…) anyways- As with recent past holiday campaigns (last halloween was brilliant too), they’ve gone all out. (I especially loved how they put fake fur on some of the displays.) But also, so many of the products can be used year round. Being the sucker consumer, i LOVE IT ALL- cheap plush toys, easter baskets, stuffers, tableware, decorations, etc…but i excercised mild self restraint: I ended up only getting a little squeeze toy, a key chain, and this pack of speckeled jelly beans. will post a few other Easter things tomorrow that i saw over the weekend-

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