Color me mine

It’s no secret that i love color, (despite the fact that I’ll also be the first to enjoy a muted, tonal, minimal Calvin Klein/Muji/japanese modern Yoji/Issey/Comme des Garcon palette as well.) I just know that the reality is, I’ll always gravitate to more colorful surroundings. If you’re looking to add a little more color, I found this great Pantone inspired set of dishware at Fishs Eddy. (I posted about their fun woodgrain ones on Itsknotwood.) I love the simple bold stripes and the hand written PMS number, as well as the descriptor names. Kind of reminds me of the funny ones Crayola used to give their crayons. (remember “burnt sienna?”)
Anyways- they come in dishes, plates, and cups… Which one’s your favorite color? check them out!

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