book review: at home with the makers of style

When I was in art school, I was always interested in seeing the work of my instructors, to get a better sense of where they were coming from. Similarily, I think people in general are always interested to see a more personal side of the people they respect or admire. (ok, admit it, we’re all little voyeuristic, hehe) The book At Home with the Makers of Style, by Grant Scott and Samantha Scott-Jeffries, explores this idea by “showing the intimate spaces of the most influencial designers of our times….” It’s fascinating to see how they really live, and what inspires them, what they keep around them, what they feel a “home” should be, and if their work influences their daily living. There are 24 artists, designers, architects, etc.. from all over the globe profiled, with great detailed photos and interviews. I really like seeing the detail shots. The “mundane” things… they say so much. Click on the link below and get one today!

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