Blue Monday #5: essential home dishes

In addition to Martha world, Kmart also has their line called Essential Home- which, i guess, is their way of covering all their bases (ie. more contemporary styles) that Martha doesn’t- One of the best things about the Essential Home line is their “Chromatherapy” line- I recently bought their 16pc dinnerware set- and i love it- the bowl is in my header image- (obviously i bought the aqua colorway) its only $24.99 – i love that its colored in the inside and white on the outside- AND- each different catagory is a slightly different hue- so the dinner plate is a different tone than the dessert plate, than the bowl, etc…it just gives the whole set a little more sophistication- and not soo “matchy matchy”- they’re thick and hardy, and the bowl in particular is really great because its really low, yet deep and wide enough- perfect for both cereal and a salad. Best thing is this week it’s on sale!

i also love their selection of Chromatherapy towels too- soo many pretty colors…and i really really loved this dishtowel with this retro graphic fork/spoon motif-they had a bunch of other cool vintage-y designs with matching pot holders as well! (also on sale! for $2.69!!
(sigh) i need an extra house!!

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