As Seen on TV

I’ve already confessed that I am a HGTV junkie, but now another confession. I frequently find myself up late at night, still watching HGTV, but as a result, end up watching bad infomercials. Thankfully, I’m too lazy to actually order one, and also a bit too skeptical. Unfortunately, I am a shopper, and it seems that stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, or Linens N Things, are now carrying items “as seen on tv.” This is where the danger lies. Strangely- I won’t buy something dumb that I see on TV. However, place it in a real-life retail situation… and my defenses go weak. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the infomercial for the Grip n Flip. This is a little contraption that combines a pair of tongs with a spatula. It allows you to “grip” something, like say you’re frying eggs and “flip” it, without it slipping around in the pan. Yeah, yeah, that wasn’t what I was impressed with. It’s the “But wait! there’s more!” part, where they say “if you order now, we’ll throw in…” and in this case, its the Scoop and Strain!- It’s a ladel, but its made with holes on one side, so you can strain out liquid. fantastic! You can imagine my surprise, when I came face to face with it while at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are selling the entire set, (the Grip and Flip, the Scoop n Strain, and this other whisk like thing…) Long story short- I love it. It’s been so great, scooping out pasta, or dumplings, or straining out excess water from a pot. And here’s the pitch!- You can now get all of it online for only $6.99! (which is actually cheaper than what I paid for it in store ($9.99). The other two items are ok, handy at times, but the Scoop n Strain gets the HM seal of approval.

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