While you were out. episode #1

So… I recently took some “before and after” pics of a “project” my parents gave me. My parentals recently had their home re-carpeted and the inside walls repainted. Now, being that i am their only son (let alone only child), and i work in design, they asked me to help with the daunting task of redecorating. This was a good and bad thing. On the one hand, I was able to play decorator with someone elses money. On the other hand, i had to deal with trying to convince my parents of my decorating ideas. All was somewhat saved when they had to be out of town for three weeks, which gave me three weeks to do a “while you were out.”- I decided to just tackle the living room and dining room (which are combined) and was given $1500 budget (oh, and my mom said she wanted pinks and lavendars…and my dad kinda gave me that look of..”um… yeah.”). Living in suburbia and with only $1500, my shopping choices would be a challenge. Oh, and i was forced to keep as much of the furniture as possible. (yikes). The good thing is that my parents have always been open and appreciative of a more “modern” aesthetic. Here’s where it started.
now, i’ll be the first to say that its not like it’ was that bad to begin with- its just kinda plain and mildy stuck in the late 80’s “contemporary asian”- In its hey day, it was really striking, and actually really cool. but that was 1986. and its now 2006. and my mission was to upgrade it a little to at least late 2002 “contemporary asian”? So…stay tuned the next couple days. i will post my decorating adventure…

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