Walmart continued…

So i recently posted about how Walmart is beginning to change their home dept. This is apparently all part of a new campaign to “Look beyond the basics”– and i think its pretty well done. I’m sure the big wigs at Walmart are feelin’ the pressure from Target’s uber cheap chic-ness- They now have this whole in-store brand called “Home Trends” that is suprisingly pretty good- (more on this as my “while you were out” adventure continues this weekend) they’ve followed Target’s theory of simplifying their collection into several “themes”- like City Living or Traditional, etc… I went in last night to pick up some daily essentials and saw some pretty great things- and since it’s Walmart- they were totally cheap. (Now i realize a lot of people have issues with Walmart, and you don’t have to shop there if you don’t want to- but speaking purely from the mundane aesthetic- i’ll give props wherever i see good design.) They had some West elm-esque items that were impressive. Satin-esque screen pillows with flora, spaghetti-like rattan lamps- and i really loved this photo-real palm frond and water-droplet-on-leaf print pillows, on clearance for $5!

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