So Saucy-

The other day i had lunch at Toxic Smells, (or rather Taco Bell), no seriously, that’s just a bad nickname my friends have for it- but let me just make this clear- i do loves me some taco bell- What started out as a normal boring fast lunch, turned into a moment of sure consumer glee- as i went into grab a packet of hot sauce- i noticed on the packet, were the words “pick me! pick me!”- and i started busting up laughing- The geniuses at Taco Bell, which incidently have their corporate headquarters here where i live in Irvine, have put a whole selection of random funny sayings on their packets- i just love people who take the time to do these little details- it was suddenly like i was in Alice in Wonderland, with the little cake that said “eat me” or the bottle that said “drink me”- but also i suddenly had this little vision of the sauce packet-that-could- desperately wanting to be chosen- like when the little toy martians in the first Toy Story movie- “i have been chosen… ooooohh….”- it just really made my day. It may not be the most award winning “design”- but it definitely has been “designed”- and i really appreciate that.

which lead me to the discovery of another amazing website- that has documented a huge assortment of those condiment sauce packets (although the one i wanted isn’t shown (the “pick me! pick me! one) anyways, without further ado,- i present to you- the condiment packet museum!!
i am stand… in awe…. (cue: sound of a chorus of heavenly angels singing)

ps. if anyone happens to find the one that says “pick me! pick me!” please scan it for me!!

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