pier 1 imports

i used to work at Pier 1 imports back in da day (senior year high school through summer before college..which was a loooong looooong time ago in a galaxy far far away.)- good times though…good times…but i digress. they’ve changed a lot since then, but at the same time, still the same in many ways- but i was really surprised to find a new Pier 1 catalog last week in my mailbox- i didn’t even know they had one! anyways- a few nice things- these “essential” planters– i’m so in love with any type of planter that is more modern in styling, and/or pays hommage to the classic Architectural Pottery shapes. i have a pot from Crate & Barrel that kind of matches this color scheme- this sort of dark grey with the base the ceramic aqua you know i so love- and i really love these crystal ring pillows– but they, alas are apparently no longer available! (d*mn them!!) anyways- a fun little read and definitely makes me want to do a little perusing “drive by” maybe this weekend-

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