nobody told me

i was in Chicago earlier this week, attending the Housewares show– seeing lots of interesting products ranging from salt and pepper shakers- all the way to the latest dishwashing machines and everything in between- anyways- by far though, the thing that impressed me the most, was from the Bodum booth. For those that don’t already know, Bodum makes great innovative products for the kitchen- although most famous for their mini coffee presses. Well, the super nice PR lady i met with showed me the most amazing thing. now, i realize that this has probably been around for a long time- but- NOBODY TOLD ME- that i could have my very own little milk frother. Now i loves me a good latte- and would love to have a little espresso machine, but mainly to have the milk frother/steamer part- because that’s the best part for me- but now i see i don’t need a little (and $spendy) machine to enjoy a latte.. although now i realize the espresso part could be a bit easier to do with one…. hm… anyways- i still want one. and its only $14.95. here. now while you’re at it, check out some of their other fantastic products- like the double walled sake glasses. Bodum will be releasing a few new must-have items later this year- they have this caraffe with a cork top that i freaked out on- (but i will post about those later, after i get a chance to scan some of the pics from the catalog!)

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