Home is where the Heart is

i recently got this new book, by Ilse Crawford. Ilse, if you didn’t already know, is an internationally celebrated designer with a trackrecord that is just “wow”, has a company called stuidolise, and was the launch editor to British Elle Decoration (aka. the Bible). so… she’s gots it goin’ on and has mad style- ummkay? But sadly, i must admit- i had no real clue about her until recently. (sssh. don’t tell) anyways- this book is amazing. it has a ton of borderline “self-help” phrases and quotes, but it really just sets things straight- her philosophy on decorating your home and just… living is so right on cue with what i’ve always felt, but never could articulate. More importantly, this book has stunning imagery that just gets you so inspired. I know, as with most visual people, we don’t always read the text, just look at the pictures right? but in this book, the essays are actually really thoughtful, and go hand in hand with the pictures. it would be the best gift you can give someone that is just moving into a new home, or is in the midst (or in the need) of a home makeover/redo- or just a gift for yourself to remind you what “home” is all about- click on the box below and get it NOW!!

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