Blue Monday: Colgate Luminous toothpaste

every monday is blue monday. i’ve always been strangely attracted to anything blue- generally anything that falls into the turquoise/aqua/cyan blue range- its like those bower birds that are attracted to shiny blue objects. anyways- every monday i will post some of my favorite blue things, some new, some old. the first thing i want to call out is Colgate’s new Luminous toothpaste. Aside from the enamel strengthening factors, what i really love about this toothpaste is the cap. Specifically the one for the Crystal clean mint flavor. I think the cap has been really well designed with neat features: It has a flat top so that you can stand it up, a little extended tab at the end for easy opening, and a rubber/silicone “nipple” type opening, so that every time you finish squeezing, it closes up for easy application. Also, when it goes through the rubber part, it get extruded in a star shape, like the old play-doh spaghetti machines- But the best part is that the plastic is infused with tiny bits of glitter so you get a little sparkly visual treat everytime you flip open the cap. Starts off the morning right (and ends the evening) every time-

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